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5 anime characters Gojo Satoru will have difficulty defeating

As Jujutsu Kaisen’s absolute strongest sorcerer, Gojo Satoru has always compared favorably to other powerful anime characters, but there are a few of them from other anime whose abilities are enough to defeat him.

Gojo Satoru is a major character in Jujutsu Kaisen and the greatest sorcerer alive. His mastery over cursed energy is so great that he breaks no sweat despite encountering curses with monstrous powers of their own. His ability, Infinity, keeps him protected from physical attacks, and his enemies always fail to defeat him.

However, outside of his own universe, there are characters with the ability to counter Gojo’s space manipulation. Some could win in an instant, while others would be pushed to their limit. Gojo’s strength predictably leads to him being prideful, but these characters may just humble the jovial and easy-going Sorcerer.

1. Ryomen Sukuna with his 20 fingers(Jujutsu Kaisen)

Gojo is generally acknowledged as the most powerful Jujutsu character with access to unrivalled power. However, fans would agree that his main challenger would be the King of Curses(Ryomen Sukuna) himself. Sukuna’s true strength is still unknown, much like his past. Nonetheless, we have already seen him destroy special grade curses easily and his full power is rumored to be completely terrifying and monstrous. Malevolent Shrine, Sukuna’s domain expansion, can compete with Gojo’s Infinite Void, and Sukuna’s knowledge of cursed energy is astounding. Fans are eager to see these two characters fight at peak strength.

2. Julius Novachrono and his ability to warp Time (Black Clover)

The Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, Julius Novachrono is also the absolute strongest mage in Black Clover. He possesses Time Magic, giving him the power to manipulate time. This means he can accelerate and decelerate, stop and reverse time. With such a tremendous ability, he can defeat opponents in countless ways. 

The fight between Gojo’s Infinity and Julius’ Time manipulation would make for an intriguing battle and raises questions about the subtleties of both powers. Can Julius’ mana zone overpower Gojo’s Infinity? A victory for Julius certainly is not guaranteed, but he is definitely amongst the few anime characters who can challenge the eccentric sorcerer.

3. Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan enables him perform Multi-Dimensional Attacks(Naruto)

Recognized as one of the two strongest ninja in history, Sasuke Uchiha is a complete monster. As a prodigy from a young age, Sasuke has progressed to reach unattainable heights, and his presence, alongside Naruto’s, acts as a deterrent, preventing war between the neighboring shinobi villages.

Gojo’s abilities and prowess make him untouchable to almost all physical attacks. But Sasuke’s skills exceed the physical and his Genjutsu could trap and torture Gojo. It can’t be confirmed if attacks like Amaterasu would work on the sorcerer, but Gojo possesses nothing in his arsenal that could threaten Sasuke’s Susanoo. The shadow Hokage has a good chance of winning.

4. Defending Against Lelouch’s Geass is impossible (Code Geass)

Physically underwhelming, Lelouch does not look like he could take on Gojo Satoru. But his special ability, known as Geass, hijacks a persons brain neurons and forces them to carry out Lelouch’s exact order. The Britannian-born prodigy skillfully used this ability alongside his unparalleled intellect to usurp the totalitarian Britannian empire.

Like a chess master, Lelouch expertly moved pieces to succeed in this game of life. Gojo is a lot smarter than he acts, but he has not demonstrated the terrifying foresight that Lelouch has. The young protagonist could deceive Gojo and make him fall prey to his Geass.

5. Light Yagami Can Kill Any Human just by writing their name in his Book(Death Note)

Light Yagami is the twisted protagonist and later antagonist of Death Note. For a short time, Light was the most influential human in the world, controlling public and government behavior by combining his inhuman intellect with the supernatural abilities his Death Note provided him.

By writing someone’s name in his book, Light Yagami has the ability to end anyone’s life.  Light can also manipulate an individual’s actions before their death and decide how they die. Although Gojo’s abilities far exceed that of any ordinary human, he is still human and is therefore vulnerable to the abilities of Light’s Death Note. It is possible Gojo can cheat death, but until he shows such an ability, Light Yagami can defeat him.

Gosick, another mystery Anime to Watch After "The Detective Is Already Dead(Tantei wa Mō, Shinde Iru)"

Students who become involved with mysterious detectives, but have special traits that set them apart are starred in Gosick and The Detective Is Already Dead(Tantei wa Mō, Shinde Iru)

The Detective Is Already Dead also known as “Tanmoshi” ended its first season with a climactic encounter, and numerous anime fans have some time before the release of Season 2. Although there are no anime like the story of perpetual sidekick Kimihiko Kimuzuka and his “legendary detective” partners: Nagisa Natsunagi and Siesta, there are series that possess the same romantic yet mysterious vibe.

Gosick is a 2011 historical mystery anime from Studio Bones. It tells the story of Kazuya Kujo, a Japanese boy who attends Saint Marguerite Academy in the French-inspired nation of Saubure, and the genius detective Victorique de Blois who lives in the academy library’s greenhouse. The Detective Is Already Dead and Gosick have some shocking similarities that should inspire fans of each one to give the other a chance, as well as considerable differences that make both series distinct.

Characteristics Gosick And The Detective Is Already Dead share

Gosick and The Detective Is Already Dead both star investigation teams dealing with overarching conspiracies as they take on individual cases. Certain forces desire to take advantage of Victorique as an asset in the war to come in Gosick. Meanwhile, TDIAD‘s Siesta constantly battles SPES, an organization of cyborg assassins who follow the prophecies of a mysterious tome. Despite usually having to dodge these looming threats, Kujo and Victorique, as well as Kimihiko and his partners, still manage to take on seemingly smaller cases. Siesta and Kimihiko investigate a string of disappearances in the latter’s school, while Victorique and Kujo solve mysteries based on their library’s collection of ghost stories. This is one way both anime evoke the feeling of a classic, Holmesian detective anthology of standalone cases-even if some of both duos’ mysteries are more interconnected than they appear.

Both series utilize the added tension that comes from solving cases while stranded in an inaccessible location. Kimihiko must deal with deadly opponents on a plane and a cruise ship, while Kujo and Victorique become embroiled in deadly encounters aboard a ghost ship and a steam train. Perhaps the commonality that will leave the biggest impression with The Detective Is Already Dead fans is the way both series’ complex plots contain universal themes of friendship and love. Both series feature potential romances concealed under a layer of banter, and both love stories involve missed connections and misguided jealousy.

How Gosick differs From The Detective Is Already Dead

There are many significant differences between both shows, meaning The Detective Is Already Dead fans will still be surprised by Gosick‘s twists and deductions. In fact, Gosick is probably more exemplary of the mystery genre overall. The story usually gives the audience the same information Victorique and Kujo have, allowing them to try their hand at solving the mystery before Victorique uses her knowledge to put together the “pieces of chaos.” TDIAD’s deductions can be somewhat more contrived, often taking a secondary role to gun-based action. Kimihiko even admits Siesta is more like a secret agent than a detective in Episode eleven.

Gosick and The Detective Is Already Dead both star a Japanese boy who joins forces with a European detective girl, but Gosick‘s mystery solvers are faced with deadly serious real world issues such as racism and colonialism. Kujo is ostracized when he arrives at St. Marguerite’s for his different appearance, and the investigation of a mysterious alchemist reveals a tragic link to Saubure’s most brutal crime. In contrast, very little is political about TDIAD-despite the series’ frequent worldwide travels that bring Kimihiko and Siesta face to face with a giant alien creature hidden beneath the UK Houses of Parliament.

Tantei wa Mō, Shinde Iru has an eye-catching, simplified art style with mostly soft, pastel colors. In contrast, Gosick has a detailed, Gothic style that resembles a realistic Victorian painting. The differences are depicted by each series’ opening sequence. The Detective Is Already Dead has a punchy, symbolic opening that surrounds the characters with bold and colorful shapes. Gosick‘s theme, however, is in the style of stained glass windows or an illuminated manuscript.

The personalities of the characters are also quite different. Kimihiko responds to Siesta’s barbs with sarcasm of his own, often commenting “this is absurd” whenever she puts him in trouble. In contrast, the younger Kujo becomes animated when Victorique presents him with another of her unreasonable demands.

The Detective Is Already Dead and Gosick centers around cross-cultural teen detective duos in wildly different directions. But both maintain the sensation of solving a case with an iconic mystery-solving team. For lovers of both series, it is fun to imagine the unfriendly and impatient Victorique and the sarcastic yet playful Siesta facing off against each other in an extra-temporal battle of wits. Lovers of The Detective Is Already Dead, nevertheless, have a lot to look forward to in Gosick.

Demon Slayer: Five perks and Cruel realities associated with being a demon

Commonly depicted as horrors of the night, Demons have some unique abilities and there are tempting reasons to become one. But being a demon is not always as great as it seems.

Demon Slayer, a dark fantasy shonen series, is set in early modern Japan, where the world is quickly changing in exciting and often scary ways. Existing alongside traditional shrines and rustic villages are telephones and steam trains, but one thing remains constant-the night is haunted by numerous flesh-eating demons. Demons see all humans as food, and they are similar to European vampires because they are superhuman predators who ambush and eat hapless victims in the streets at night. Interesting though is the fact that all demons were once human, but they transformed when Muzan Kibutsuji, the oldest demon changed them. Being a demon comes with some perks, but demons also experience a number of difficulties and harsh realities.

1. Perk: Demons Can Survive Most Fatal Wounds

Demons have plenty reasons to dread nichirin blades but mostly, they are usually immune to physical attacks. Unless a demon faces an armed demon slayer, they have nothing to fear, and normal swords, arrows, hatchets, and other weapons would only wound them, not kill them.

Early in Demon Slayer, Tanjiro and Nezuko beheaded a lesser demon, but that still was not enough to kill it. The demon’s severed head grew two arms and continued fighting, proving that even low-ranked demons can shrug off serious injuries. They can almost instantly regenerate their flesh, too, boosting their defenses exponentially.

2. Reality: Demons Cannot withstand Wisteria

Demons only have a few weaknesses such as direct sunlight and getting beheaded by Nichirin blades, which are made from sun-soaked ores. Then there are wisteria flowers, which are more than just pretty flora in the eyes of demons. Wisteria flowers are like poison to them.

Blades soaked in Wisteria can kill a demon outright, and trees of wisteria properly arranged can easily block a demon from moving. The demon slayer Corps’ final training area is a giant mountain enclosed and bordered by wisteria flowers. Not even the most powerful demons could break out, even after spending numerous years in that flowery prison.

3. Perk: Muzan Might Give Demons More Blood

Muzan sometimes rewards demons who prove their strength in fights. Loyal and successful Kizuki members may be granted more of Muzan’s special blood, and the recipients will get a major boost in their overall power. Demons usually look forward to receiving Muzan’s blood, and although only few receive it, it is still a prize worth waiting for. Some demons hope to get Muzan’s blood, so they can be powerful enough to join the Kizuki.

4. Reality: Demons hardly Get Backup

Demons often work alone, and they are naturally not cooperative. They are selfish and greedy creatures who despise sharing the spoils of a hunt, so most demons live lonely lives with no one to help them watch their back. If a demon is cornered by demon slayers, no one is going to assist them, and that can spell the demon’s demise. Rui formed a clan of spider demons; however, that was an exception. Most demons cannot count on backup like that, and they may be too proud to accept assistance anyway.

5. Perk: Demons Can Use many Blood Arts

Some demons fight using only their claws and fists, but stronger demons can use blood arts, and a demon need not be Kizuki material to use these arts. Demons can use magic, and use supernatural attacks in combat to capture humans or fend off demon slayers. Rui, the spider demon, used sharp spider webs as his blood art, making him a great challenge for Tanjiro in that forest. Then, Nezuko fought back with her fire based blood art, helping Tanjiro turn the tide on the spider clan.

6. Reality: Muzan Is An Unforgiving Master

Muzan Kibutsuji is commonly recognized by all demons as the strongest, and he is also widely accepted as the boss of all demons. The problem, however, is that Muzan is a selfish and unforgiving boss who quickly kills any demon who irritates him. He is not the type to make friends or protect others. Even the Kizuki live in fear of Muzan’s wrath, and certainly, a frustrated Muzan simply killed several of the six lower moons of the Kizuki. Only Enmu survived and he promised to impress Muzan with his next outing. This promise led to the story of the Mugen Train story arc.

7. Perk: Demons can live for a long time

If a demon does not get killed by a demon slayer, then that demon can live a long life, and there is no sign that demons ever age and die naturally like humans do. Muzan himself is over a thousand years old. Many people are scared of death, and they cannot stand the idea of dying after eighty or so years, leaving everything behind. But if they become demons, they can increase their lifespan a great deal and pursue their interests for centuries.
8. Reality: Sunlight Is fatal To All Demons

Demons have a weakness that vampires can relate to: the bright rays of the sun. They only hunt at night for a reason, after all. If a demon is exposed to direct sunlight, its body and clothes will burn away, and nothing will be left behind. Even powerful demons, such as the Kizuki fear the sun, and Akaza fled after killing Kyojuro Rengoku to escape the impending sunrise. This is why Nezuko is usually in that wooden backpack-to protect her from the sun during Tanjiro’s travels.

9. Perk: Most Demon Slayers Are not powerful enough to Handle Strong Demons

Demon slayers are experienced experts who have made it their mission to find and kill demons all over Japan, but not all of them are invincible superheroes. In fact, most demon slayers are rank-and-file swordsmen, and they occassionally die at the hands of the demons they were supposed to destroy. Stronger demons, knowing that they are tougher and faster than any mortal swordsman can be relaxed, especially the twelve demon moons, or kizuki. They have little to fear from normal demon slayers, who are really just food with swords.

10. Reality: The Hashira are a different matter entirely

Most demons can ignore the weaker demon slayers, but they cannot feel that way with the nine Hashira, the most elite demon slayers of all. Every Hashira has a special outfit and breathing technique, from water and fire to stone and sound. Nearly all demons perish at the hands of the Hashira, and these ordinary demons live in fear of the Hashira who roam the countryside on missions. If a demon encounters a Hashira, they are only able to survive by running-if they can.

Jujutsu Kaisen: How Itadori Yuji Could Avoid another Deadly Sentence

Chapter 165 of Jujutsu Kaisen ended in one of the worst possible ways for Itadori, but there may still be a way out for him.

Yuji Itadori is facing one of his most dangerous enemies yet, Hiromi Higuruma. After his cursed energy was stripped from him, Itadori found himself almost helpless in the face of Hiromi’s continuous attacks. Desperate for a strategy that would enable him avoid fighting Hiromi head to head, he demanded a retrial and both combatants were transported back into Deadly Sentencing. This time, Yuji was found guilty on the charge of committing mass murder in Shibuya and was sentenced to death, but is his fate actually permanent?
Although Yuji pled guilty to the charge, the truth is that he was not the one who committed those murders. After being force-fed several of Ryomen Sukuna’s fingers in quick succession, he lost control of his body to the King of Curses temporarily. Unfortunately, Itadori still misguidedly believes this was his fault.

Incidentally, Yuji’s innocence might be what allows him to escape the death sentence. Despite Hiromi’s apparent apathy over the last few chapters, he was introduced as someone who always wants the rule of law to prevail. He is also intrigued by Yuji, as he remarked that no one else had been able to stand before him for as long as Yuji had, especially without any cursed energy. When Yuji readily confessed to the mass murder, Hiromi was even somewhat surprised, meaning it is almost certain that he will ask for more context about the Shibuya incident. Indicting Yuji for a crime he did not really commit would go against everything Hiromi stands for.

Of course, this is assuming Hiromi is not strictly bound to the terms of his cursed technique, in which case he would have to execute Judgeman’s sentence. Yuji being able to unilaterally summon Hiromi’s Domain Expansion implies that the ex-lawyer might not be able to resist the terms set by Judgeman. A sorcerer summoning another person’s Domain is unheard of and, if Hiromi is truly beholden to his cursed technique, their fight could become a lot more dangerous.

Whereas Hiromi was previously trying to kill Itadori because he bothered him, being forced to carry out Judgeman’s sentence (as part of the agreement that grants him his cursed technique) would require him to get even more serious about their battle. If Chapter 166 plays out like this, it would send our hero and protagonist, Itadori, back to square one and  worst-case scenario, he would be caught in a one-on-one battle to the death with an utterly bloodthirsty Hiromi Higuruma.

Of course, there is always the possibility that Ryomen Sukuna might once again make an appearance. Throughout the series, Yuji’s parasitic twin of sorts has kept his cards close to the chest. However, one thing we know for certain is that he has an unfinished agenda. His and Itadori’s lives are intertwined, so he certainly would not stand for his host to die prematurely. It is unlikely that Yuji will allow Sukuna to take full control of his body again. So, if he does interfere, it will probably be to offer a clever solution on how to deal with Hiromi and Judgeman. Surely, there also exists the ever-looming possibility that Sukuna might choose to take advantage of the Binding Vow that allows him to switch places with Yuji for a minute once he says a keyword.

Yuji is currently in an incredibly tough spot, but it is almost a given that he’ll make it out alive. There’s still a lot of story Jujutsu Kaisen has left to tell and even though Gege Akutami tends to be trigger happy towards the characters, for now, Itadori Yuji should be safe.